translated from Spanish: Report massive clandestine party in San Bernardo despite dry law and curfew

A massive clandestine festival occurred on Saturday morning in the commune of San Bernardo, despite the curfew and the dry law in force. The fact is in the context of this weekend’s mega-elections, which bring together constituent councilors, mayors, regional and conventional governors.
One witness told T13 that hundreds of people attended the site. The event was called from social networks.
There were six detainees, Carabineros said.
«We are in the presence of people who are high-risk (…) they are people who are more vulnerable to the pandemic,» because most of them are not vaccinated, Interior Minister Rodrigo Delgado said.

Other underground parties
Two other underground festivities were reported in the commune of Santiago, which ended with 18 detainees.
One of them occurred in a cité de la García Reyes, where 10 people were arrested: 2 women and 8 men.
The other, held in Banderas street, ended with eight people apprehended.
Then, in Banderas street, another 8 detainees were added per party with annoying noises that was reported by neighbors. Here were 7 Peruvians (4 women and 3 men), plus a Chilean. All of them of legal age.

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