translated from Spanish: Mazatlan’s anglers suffer from low sales

Sinaloa.- In the zozobra are the merchants of the Sunday tianguis of the Juarez colony in Mazatlan, in the face of the low sales that have been recorded since last week. They were hoping that yesterday, the Mazatlecos would come to buy gifts late with the arrival of the fortnight, but they did not.
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Faced with the bad streak that theanguists are going through, some stopped attending. They prefer not to work because going to tianguis involves spending, from transfer, breakfast and food.
Andrea Guerrero commented that although it is influx within the commercial area, customers do not consume, only run the stalls and leave. Read more: The Welfare Bank has been becoming a bottomless barrel in AMLO’s Mother’s Day government, sales only rebounded by 40 percent and yesterday they dropped to 30 percent. An uncertain picture is what traders see as some have been unable to recover from the crisis that led to the health contingency.

They stopped working for about four months and had to take out credits to get on the dates of decembrinas. Since then they have not been able to complete their payments.” People don’t have money to consume, we don’t know how we’re going to make it better for them to improve the situation, which gets worse every day,” said Laura Gonzalez, a trader. Hope
The hope of rebounding sales is until the summer holidays. Some locals have thought about s quitting work and returning until June, others working every 15 days. The most frequented stalls are cremerías, pollerías and fruit shops. Clothing stands, shoes and gift items are the most affected by low sales. They are confident that citizens can recover from the crisis so that they will consume all they offer in the Tianguis of Juarez.
After the removal of the fences to access the Sunday tianguis, some people enter without a cover. Locals commented that they only recommend using the water cover but cannot force customers. Elements of Senior Officer were observed at the site. They gave the suggestion to the attendees, but some ignored it. Read more: Low temperatures continue in Sinaloa State Data
ConfidenceAnguists expect the situation to improve for the next summer vacation. They hope that families who depend on tourism activity will do well so that they can consume in the Sunday tianguis of Juarez.IrregularsThe merchants commented that they continue to observe irregular sellers. Traders ask the Senior Officers’ Authorities to take letters in the matter to regulate the sellers.

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Original source in Spanish

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