translated from Spanish: River: Enzo selfie, three possible archers and Pinola off the list

A few minutes from an unprecedented match in the Copa Libertadores, River begins to define the details in the pre-duel with Independiente Santa Fe and all doubts begin to dissipate with the presentation of a photo, the official form and waiting for a formation that will not have much to hide. Enzo Perez is the name everyone looks at. Injured in the match against Boca will make the effort to be the goalkeeper in the Duel of the Monumental and already gets into the character. First, a photo of the green T-shirt with its number and surname was released, which was then ratified by a selfie of the midfielder.

To this, it should be added that River Plate hung a photo on his Twitter account with a message that also points to the South American Football Confederation: “Defend much more than an arc”, he points with a photo of the same house. The minutes move forward and Gallardo has everything ready, but nothing presented. Still, what is known is that the official form was presented with three candidates for the bow in the party with the aforementioned Enzo, Agustín Fontana, one that was not in anyone’s plants, and Tomás Lecanda, the central one that will have important minutes.

The novelty in the case is that finally there are 11 players registered, unchanged, which confirms that finally Javier Pinola, recovering from the broken arm, will not be part of the substitutes’ bench, despite the defender’s insistence and the chance to be “just in doubt”, as defined.
Enzo Perez; Milton Casco, Tomás Lecanda, Jonatan Maidana, David Martínez, Fabrizio Angileri; Jorge Carrascal, Felipe Peña Biafore, José Paradela; Julian Alvarez and Agustín Fontana is the eleven confirmed. What does seem to be clear is that if the mendocino must come out of the arch, it would be very difficult to see it in the field in the face of the physical ailment that drags from the Superclassic.

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