translated from Spanish: Jesús Estrada Ferreiro denounces assaults against him

The candidate for the municipal presidency of Culiacán, by the alliance formed by the Morena and PAS parties, Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, denounced before the Electoral Institute of the State of Sinaloa (IEES), which was subject to aggression against him and his family. The licensed mayor also stated that such aggression occurred on May 12, when he was aboard his car, moments after the conversatory of the candidates for the mayorality of Culiacán organized by THE DEBATE.
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«The thing is, a former cop who was claiming a discount he says was made to him on the occasion of payment for his seniority cousin, he hit my truck where he was accompanied by my wife, hit with his hand. He had aggressive behavior, so he as a municipal policeman and as he there are other cops involved in this, I didn’t want to get in trouble with them,» Estrada said. I told him what happened. He then sent the trade to IEES and asked the State Preventive Police for support. I don’t think I have any more problems with those people, with anyone, because we haven’t done things wrong. The one behind this is the PES’s candidate for sinaloa’s gubernatura, Ricardo Arnulfo Mendoza, he manages these people,» said Morena-PASjesús candidate Estrada said that such demonstrations «has already become a political issue. They threatened to go to Tamarindo, Culiacancito, to block my campaign events and that’s an electoral crime.» I hold Ricardo Arnulfo Mendoza and Andrea Félix responsible for all this, along with that former cop who’s uproaring people.» Despite this aggression against him, Estrada Ferreiro said he has no intention of reinforcing his security.

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Original source in Spanish

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