translated from Spanish: The day Harrison Ford picked up Rodrigo Noya in a limousine

We have a hard time associating Rodrigo Noya with Harrison Ford, and we quickly wondered how, where? Or when?  this event could have occurred. However, the actors coincided on a limousine trip in the city of Los Angeles as part of the premiere of the film “Valentín” where Noya, 9, was the lead actor. 

The film was directed by Alejandro Agresti, who was already in the Hollywood industry, and so he shared a friendship with the consecrated Star Wars actor.So as they made their way to the film’s premiere, they picked up Noya with her mom in the spacious car and there was a match between the actors colleagues. “I was nine years old and I had no idea who I was and my mom doesn’t understand much about film so I didn’t know much about film either, after being old they told me we were traveling with Harrison to the movies,” he said in dialogue with Juan Etchegoyen for Mitre Live. When asked if at some other time he contacted the international star, he replied: “I never sent a message to him, nor should I know who I am, that day I gave myself the luxury of traveling with him, today I have him as a funny anecdote because I don’t even remember the trip, for me I was one more person, today I would have reacted more as a fan” Closed. 

Original source in Spanish

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