translated from Spanish: Two years after the San Miguel del Monte Massacre: what situation is the cause

In the early morning of 20 May as today, but from 2019, several Bonaerense Police patrolmen chased, on fire and for no reason, a car in which five young men were going; three of them, 13, one of 14 and one, the driver, 22.On the run, the car collided with a truck parked on Route 3, killing four of the five young men. Rocío Quagliarello, the only survivor, was 13 when she lived what, two years after it happened, is known as the San Miguel del Monte Massacre.

In an interview with Infobae, Rocío recalls: “With Cami we were always together. We’d stay a few days at his house and then go to mine: we lived almost together. We’d go to the lagoon, take mates, we’d also like to rap and we’d do the one we raped together. With the boys we went to school together. We weren’t much of a meeting, but that’s where we went to the square, there were rap competitions and we were there with them.” It was this year, precisely on March 18, the day that the judge of Guarantees of La Plata, Silvia Pelossi, raised the case, which is imputed 23 Bonaerenses policemen and the former security secretary of San Miguel del Monte, Claudio Martínez, to oral trial. In dialogue with Page 12, Yanina Zarzoso, mother of one of the victims, reminded former St. Michael’s speaker Sandra Mayol: “She is charged in a cause parallel to the main one, but there are not many advances, we do not have many answers. The material perpetrators of my daughter’s death and her friends are 24, some are still on re-trial detention so far and everyone will go to trial.”

Now, in the main case, the policemen Manuel Monreal, Mariano Alejandro Ibáñez, Leonardo Daniel Ecilape and Rubén Alberto García are the main policemen who are charged with “aggravated homicide” and for the “aggravated homicide” of Rocío. Florence Stankevicius, Mario Angel Mistretta, Juliet Aguilera Rearte, Nelson Paulo David Rodriguez, María Antonella Valiente, Evelin Yael Van Monleghey, Camila Galarza, Marisol Rizzo, Sergio Ariel Servia, Cristian Alberto Righero, Juan Manuel Gutierrez, Julio Franco Micucci, Nadia Alejandra Genaro, Héctor Enrique Angel, Raúl Eduardo Mauregui, Marcelo Fernando Idarreta, Jose Alfredo Dominguez, Melina Noelia Bianco and José Manuel Durán will also be tried for other crimes such as , forgery of public document and abuse of authority.

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