translated from Spanish: Nine-day confinement: restrictions, excepted activities and permits; AFA suspends covid matches; Tini Stoessel & Joaquin Correa and more…

1. The new measures announced by Alberto Fernández: total confinement for nine days

Restriction of circulation from this Saturday to Sunday 30 inclusive and total confinement for the weekend of June 5 and 6. Read on here…  2. What are the essential activities and services exempted from the new confinement

Faced with the imminent announcement by the President of the Nation of a confinement for the next 9 days. We tell you what items are included in the so-called essentials.  Continue reading here…  
In addition:

Essentials: Is it necessary to re-process the driving permit?
3. What are the new economic aid measures?

Repro II  was expanded to serve sectors affected by restrictions such as trade, an increase in the amount of supplementary wage for workers in critical sectors and health was provided, and the Food Card will be expanded, among other measures. Read on here…  4. New restrictions against COVID-19: which districts return to Phase 1

From Saturday, May 22 at 00 hours and until May 30 inclusive, there will be 170 districts that will return to Phase 1. Read on here…  5. The virtual approach of Tini Stoessel and the footballer, Joaquín Correa

They link the singer to the Italian Lazio player because they both follow in networks and he puts “likes”. Read on here…  6. Coronavirus: AFA suspended professional football matches

The Argentine Football Association will accompany the measures arranged by Alberto Fernández and suspend the semi-finals of the Professional League Cup until further notice. Read on here…  7. Meet Any, the dog that works as a delivery to help a shelter

She was rescued by “Garritas Guerreras” a protective association of animals from Mexico that is responsible for the food and lodging of at least 160 dogs and cats. In order to meet the needs of the hosted ones, they initiated this action which went viral. Read on here…  8. The day Harrison Ford picked up Rodrigo Noya in a limousine

The actor recalled the encounter with the Hollywood star, although he acknowledged that at the time he did not know who he was.  He continues to read here…

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