translated from Spanish: A government close to people solves many things: Mario Zamora

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- There are no perfect governments, but a government close to people can solve many things along with citizens, said Mario Zamora Gastélum, candidate for governor for the Vamos por Sinaloa alliance (PRI-PRD-PAN). It was at 0:25 in the early morning of this Saturday that Zamora Gastélum arrived at number 5413 of Bahía Vizcaíno street, in the Rincón de Urías colony, a common home of Mazatlan, to spend the night with Mrs. Leticia López and her family.
After a long tour this Friday, Zamora Gastélum arrived wearing a white T-shirt, denim trousers, black sneakers and a tricolor cap and his name engraved on the front.
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For hours it was expected by supporters, candidates for deputies and party leaders who bring together the Alliance Vamos por Sinaloa.Read more: Let’s go for a new Sinaloa for young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs: Mario Zamora Around 21:00 hours was a party atmosphere, with music, flags, hotdogs and soft drinks. As the hours passed, some had to leave. In the early morning, the candidate for governor arrived and the living ones resurfaced. He gave himself time to attend to the media.
Zamora Gastélum told that he was invited to stay in some of the homes of supporters, and this time it was Mazatlan’s turn.He detailed that when he was general manager of National Agricultural, Rural and Forestry Development Financial, he had to spend the night in the homes of ranchers (as in Sonora), and since then he has tried to continue doing the same. What is said in the intimacy of a home “is a formidable experience,” he said. Zamora Gastélum emphasized that, with these visits to sinaloan households, he seeks to give the message that, if he is governor, “we will always be attentive and close, because it is the key to good government.” There are no perfect governments, and whoever says he’s going to make a perfect government lies. But a government that is attentive, that is close, but above all that is sensitive, can solve many things together with people,” he said. After attending the media, she entered the cream-colored house of Dona Leticia López, where she and her husband received Mario Zamora and his wife, Wendy Ibarra. A bedroom was prepared for both of them. It was a surprise.
Mrs. Leticia López narrated that it was a surprise that was not expected when she was dialed on the phone to ask if she could receive the candidate Mario Zamora at home and give him an inn for one night.He commented that this was certainly random, although Zamora Gastélum’s team knows that she is with the candidate of Vamos por Sinaloa.He emphasized that it was a pleasure to receive at his home Zamora Gastélum, who would be given hotdog dinner, coffee and biscuits, and that early this Saturday they would share him of his normal breakfast, before he went out to a series of scheduled events in Mazatlan.” I feel like he’s going to be the new governor, we’re going to have a luxury governor,” Ms. Leticia said, adding that Mario Zamora expects me to give great support to Sinaloa, and especially to women and young people.

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Original source in Spanish

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