translated from Spanish: Candidate Ignacio Campos expresses support for LGBTTTI community

Uruapan, Michoacán.- As a clear example of what will be his including government, Ignacio Campos Equihua met with the LGBTTTI Collective, in a Festival held at the Campaign House of the morena-PT candidate to the mayor of Uruapan.
Instead, representatives of that community emphasized Nacho Campos’ respect for diversity and endorsed his support for the political project of the coalition contender “Together We Create Good”.
Ariana Aguilar, a reference of the LGBTTTI community in Uruapan, noted the rejection of people who have other sexual orientation; so he stressed the importance of a Directorate of Sexual Diversity, which meets the needs of this sector.
At the time, Nacho Campos expressed its satisfaction at welcoming a large group of representatives from the LGBTTTI community, who gave a craft, dance, photographic and fashion design exhibition at its Campaign House.
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“At Uruapan City Council, this direction will be one of you, because there are many professionals who can help us have an important and diversity-friendly government.”
At the festival, Nacho Campos was accompanied by the candidates for the North and South council, Mayela Salas and Brenda Fraga, respectively; as well as the aspiring federal council, Carlos Manzo; in addition to some members of your counciler form.

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