translated from Spanish: A cable car fell in Italy: there are 13 dead and two seriously injured

The vacuum fall of a cable car cabin in Stresa, a lake mayoral seaside station in Piedmont, northern Italy. left 13 dead and two seriously injured, according to the latest official report.” The final balance of the tragic accident is 13 killed and two seriously injured, transported by helicopter to Turin,” the rescue services said. The two hospitalized victims are children of five and nine years, who were rushed to the Regina Margherita pediatric hospital.The cable car fell from high altitude near the top of Stresa-Mottarone in the Piedmont region, he told the SkyTG24 channel Walter Milan, official of the Alpine rescue service. The accident, which occurred 300 meters from the summit, was caused by the breakage of a cable, which led to the fall of the cabin in which 11 people were travelling.

Emergency personnel work in the accident area.

A photograph taken by Italian firefighters showed the crushed remains of the cable car in a clearing next to a pine forest near the top of Mottarone Peak, overlooking Lake Maggiore.The spokesman noted that the cable line had been renovated in 2016 and had recently reopened after restrictions on the coronavirus pandemic forced the cable cars to close across the country. Mottarone reaches a height of 1,491 meters and overlooks the picturesque lake and surrounding Alps of the Italian Piedmont region. The mountain has a small amusement park, Alpyland, which has a roller coaster for children that offers 360-degree views of the landscape. Many Italian ski areas have mountain bike trails and hiking trails that are popular in spring and summer.

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