translated from Spanish: The Kun Aguero announced that he will stop streaming for the coming weeks

The Copa América is approaching and those called up to the Argentine national team are already joining the training sessions with Lionel Scaloni. Of all of them, the last to join will be Sergio “Kun” Aguero, who must still play in the Champions League final alongside Manchester City.Before leaving for Portugal to face Chelsea, Kun turned on stream on Twitch to give a message to his viewers and fans regarding the days to come in his football life. The striker announced that he will not be streaming again for a few weeks to focus on the matches ahead of him.

“Today is the last stream in several weeks. I don’t think I have time. You know… I prefer to be in Argentina focused. You want to see me, but there are people who if things go wrong start to say I’ve been sngging. I’d rather be calm, focus on training and games,” he said. He continued: “We are in the sight of the slightest mistake. The slightest mistake we have, they’re going to shake us. Today they all get on the wheel of the record. Today it’s: ‘How big the Kun, amazing what he did,’ but then they kill me. The first thing they’re going to say is that I’m streaming. Many still don’t like it and I don’t understand why.” If it goes wrong, they say I’m sitting all the time, that I don’t train, that I stream. What does the stream have to do with it? Like I’m riding a motorcycle and I’m about to kill myself. If I did, okay, I’d say I’m irresponsible. But I’m streaming, is there anything wrong with that? As much as I don’t hear what they say, it comes to you for some friend or family and unconsciously it comes to you. And I don’t want to give them arguments,” Kun concluded.
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