translated from Spanish: Juanpa Zurita: “I had a different preparation for the second season of Luis Miguel”

He grew up listening to Luis Miguel: at home, on the radio, on TV, in the square, on any day and routine. “It sounded all over Mexico, you saw things about him. It was typical of my adolescence in Acapulco,” recalls Juanpa Zurita, in dialogue with this medium. In April the second season of “Luis Miguel: The Series” premiered, the officially authorized story of the life of the Mexican singer that excites all Latin America Sunday to Sunday. The young actor plays Alex Gallego, one of his brothers.” The second season particularly Alex brings many new challenges, many new scenes, complex, the character has a particular situation in the story that is complex, in which I did have to carry a different kind of preparation, and a different kind of general approach because the level of scenes that had been very difficult,” he explained. She then expanded: “It was a beautiful season of recording but tired in the sense of all the scenes of Alex are a problem, it is drama, difficult news, in which you deal with that, you receive it and it drains you a little, but it is part of the art and I loved it as it was”.***His name is Juan Pablo Martínez-Zurita Arellano, although his fans know him as Juanpa Zurita. He began his professional career in the internet world in 2013, with videos for Vine and Youtube.He also did several modeling work, and even last year the HypeAuditor platform chose him as one of the Mexican figures with the most followers on social networks.

Juanpa Zurita

He dabbed in acting with projects such as “Road of Stupidity”, “My Big Fat Hispanic Family”, and among his latest participations are “Who is the mask?”, “Little Giants”. However with his work as Alex Gallego in “Luis Miguel: The Series” he won everyone’s heart.” I didn’t know Alex, but in season 1 I looked for him, contacted him, and he helped me a lot to be able to give direction to the character, to understand it. What Alex has always given me is to understand the aspects of his character so that in what I do, I don’t get out of his personality,” he said.

Alex Gallego and Luis Miguel

“Since you receive the material you start studying it and you start to dive in and understand Alex’s posture, in these situations, and you understand Alex as a character, who is someone extremely noble, faithful, kind, sensitive, is there for his brother no matter what’s going to happen in the good and the bad,” he says. Then he follows: “He is not the main character of the story, however all the blows that Luis miguel receives are received by him as well, somehow… his dad, his mom, Sergio; the best way to do this is to live these things by experiencing them, trying them in different textures so that the moment you get there and have to give scenes you have already had many experiences in such environments so that at the moment you can adapt and you are very comfortable and free to live it again”.***The series arrives three years after the first season , where we could see the birth of the star and its first steps in fame. Also the relationship with his father, Luisito Rey (Oscar Jaenada), who managed his entire career as his manager. He also recounts the disappearance of his mother, Marcela Basteri (Anna Favella), the beginning of the investigation, as well as the artist’s revelation against exploitation and fraud. His first loves, his first hits and his dreams. 
The new episodes show two timelines and with a plot that explores the difficulties Luis Miguel (Diego Boneta) faced in balancing his family and professional life. At the height of his success in the 1990s, the artist is in charge of the care of his brothers after his father’s death and tries to make amends for the relationship with his girlfriend Erika (Camila Sodi). Hugo (César Bordón), representative and father figure for Micky, fights cancer, and a new representative, Patricio Robles (Pablo Cruz Guerrero), shakes things up at the talent agency. While trying to decipher his mother’s mysterious disappearance, Luis Miguel heals his own paternal wound by reconnecting with his est distanced daughter, Michelle (Macarena Achaga), whom he has not seen for more than a decade. According to Juanpa, the premiere lived with his family, in a “very intimate and personal” way, in addition to the premiere he lived with the cast, which was virtual by the pandemic. You can see it here.
“For me the series represents a super important project in my life,” the actor reveals.

One of the strongest points of the series, he observes, is the dynamics between brothers: “The truth is that Diego is an excellent actor, he is also a producer within the series and he was a bit of an accomplice with me during the scenes. He and I have enough freedom from each other, to have fun and do, to be able to have that complicity to be with him,” he confessed. Then he continued: “I was very much a fan of the freedom that he and I had, clearly always respecting the script, but with that freedom that make the scenes have this particularity that they are having this season, andxel also extremely natural as effortless almost, super good. They and everyone, it’s a top-notch cast.” The truth is that the season soon became a hit for fans around the world. “For me it represents a super important project in my life, a challenge and a pride in terms of the product that we are being able to give people,” Juanpa concludes.” Luis Miguel: The Series” is available on Netflix and will premiere one chapter per week every Sunday. We also spoke with Diego Boneta, Macarena Achaga, Pablo Cruz Guerrero, Fernando Guallar, César Bordón. 
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