translated from Spanish: More Gemma launches: “The Wisdom of the Sea”

More Gemma is a young Argentine singer-songwriter who defines hesed as “composer by system, arranger by trade, singer-songwriter unfortunately and poet of the wrongdoing”.  

Credit: Catherine Bartholomew 

It has released 5 albums of songs, 4 books of poetry & poetic prose; two of them under the heteronym Eusebia Florestan. His most recent work “The Wisdom of the Sea” contains seven powerful songs, of deep beauty. In times when the urgent seems to take time away from the important, More invites us to stop, to take some time, and, as its title predess us, to feel the wisdom of the sea through its hypnotic lyrics.  

On the record, its author tells us: “The order of the songs is not random. The wisdom of the sea is to get close (the self-referential songs), caress (the love songs I wrote) and retreat (the songs where the self disappears to merge into a nosotrxs”.

and adds about the process of realization: “Then came the Pandemic, the lockdown and only when it could be opened a little I summoned Tatu to record. The idea: raw, intimate, risky. Tatu thought we were checking audio and testing, and when we wanted to realize the record was recorded. Practically whispered, in total privacy. It was too outdoor record not to sound that way.” You can hear “The Wisdom of the Sea” on all digital platforms.

Original source in Spanish

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