translated from Spanish: Santos will receive his open-door training trust

Torreón.- After the defeat of this Thursday, Santos Laguna wants to know if he continues to have all his love and makes a call to attend this Friday his open-door training at the TSM Stadium facility prior to his trip to Mexico City for his Sunday match at Azteca.Through his social networks Santos launched the invitation to his followers who continue to trust that they will take the game on the return and give the best vibes to players to arrive inspired and make the best possible match. 
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«Today we will all train. Come to open training in the Crown,» was the message of the lagunero team. The appointment will be at 18:00 pm local time. It is expected that there will be quite a few fans who arrive at the stadium facilities to witness their team preparing the match back. Read more: Edurne García surprises her followers with cute black bodySantos has the slogan to go to Mexico City and prove to her love that they are made, for that they know that they must beat the best team of the competition from start to finish. The Warriors are marked against it. What they’re going to need is to win the match by remembering that there’s no away goal or position on the table anymore. 
In the event of a tie they would go straight to the extra times where following the tie they would have to reach the criminal tad. Santos has been in a final with a round of penalties and it was in the Bicentennial 2010 tournament that they fell 4-3 to TheLuca team. The rest of them were decided on regular time won 6 at the time and falling by 5. Read more: MX League: Confirmed! Luis Quintana will be the first casualter of Pumas of UNAMSantos will train this Friday, rest in Torreón tonight and on Saturday they will start the flight to Mexico City to be ready with everything for the Sunday game which will start at 20:00 pm (Central Mexico) and there define the new champion of the MX League.

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