translated from Spanish: The night training of the Argentina national team

The Argentina national team made football in today’s night practice at the Ezeiza prey, in which DT Lionel Scaloni began profiling the team for the next double date of the South American Qualifiers for the Qatari World Cup according to 2022.De a press release from the Argentine Football Association (AFA), the formal football trial was divided into three blocks of 15 minutes each , on one of the courts of the property and with artificial light. 

“After 18, and divided into several groups, they made a small activation in the gym tent mounted inside the bubble. The players then, under the command of the PF, Luis Martín, carried out playful work with ball and with different slogans,” the AFA reported and closed: “For the last leg of the activity, Scaloni commanded the formal football rehearsal of three blocks of 15 minutes each.” The next practice of the selected will be tomorrow, from 16; and on Sunday he will work in morning hours, starting at 10.30.
Argentina is second in the 10-point playoffs (behind Brazil, which is 12) and will receive Chile on Thursday 3 and then travel to Colombia, which it will face on Tuesday 8.

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