translated from Spanish: Today’s Horoscopes Saturday, May 29, 2021: What Your Starsign Says

This Saturday, May 29, 2021, the stars have brought great surprises for love affairs and work topics. So we invite you to find out what your starsign says this day and find out what fate holds for you.



You decide to rest and give yourself some tastes, it is important that you measure your budget, since you could spend more than the account. Your appeal would bring you closer to temptations that you’d better reject.2 Taurus

After so long and far, you’ll meet someone who was very special to you again. It will be a day full of joys and pleasant memories, you will have a good time.
 3. Gemini

You will have the support and assistance of someone with practical sense, with their help you will manage to solve everything that was generating tension and discomfort. A family-type meeting is possible.4. cancer

An atmosphere of harmony and union will surround you, this will allow you to clean up roughness that had been generated with some relatives. On the other hand, you’ll give help to someone who needs you.5. Leo

Someone who wants to clear up differences with you will look for you. You may show indifference or disinterest, when you also really need harmony and conciliation, reflect.6 Virgo

You have to maintain objectivity to resolve the differences you have with the person you love. Excessive emotion could detract from the clarifications, remember that.7. pound

You’ll find a way to solve all those situations that have been overloading and limiting you. Today you will get out of trouble and have extra time to relax and be distracted.8 Scorpio

It will do you good to receive communication from that person who seeks to please you and get your trust back. Gradually you will leave that defensive attitude and give it a chance.9 Sagittarius

You will have the company of an optimistic and confident person, their attitude will change your moods and you will see things again with greater positivism. Strive to maintain this attitude.10 Capricorn

Avoid pressing or forcing situations, that person feels your demand and may today set limits that make you reflect. Regain your inner balance and things will flow much better.11 Aquarius

A certain anguish would make you blur the reality at your front. Do not let your mind lead you to false ideas, it is important that you master your thoughts, everything will be solved.12 Pisces

You’ve been avoiding confrontation, but the time has come to confront that person and clarify everything that seemed to annoy him. Even if he doesn’t share your ideas, he’ll understand you.

Original source in Spanish

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