translated from Spanish: Report diluted vaccine in CDMX; we respect guidelines: Health

Citizens who came to be vaccinated in mayoral Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, were misconformed because they claim that they were over-diluted from the COVID-19 vaccine.
On social media, users ensured that for each vial of Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine up to seven doses were administered, when guidelines indicate that only six of each container can be applied.

They were NOT able to take seven doses per vial, because this is the only federal authorization for the Pfizer vaccine “six diluted doses of 3ml”. This is in the official document ???

— Maria Rivera (@mariarri_) May 28, 2021

In this regard, the Ministry of Health of Mexico City (Sedema) assured that each vial contains 0.45 milliliters of frozen suspension mixed with 1.8 ml of saline, and that 0.3 ml in total is applied to each person.
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“With this mixture, 0.3 milliliters of this substance are applied to each person, so there is no chance of seven doses being removed from each bottle. The pharmacist authorized Cofepris, through saving needles, to extract these doses,” she said in a statement.

With regard to social media versions that apply up to seven doses per bottle of Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine, SEDESA states that only six doses of the biologic can be applied for each bottle produced by the company (1/3).
— Ministry of Health of Mexico City (@SSaludCdMx) May 28, 2021

He also insisted that the reported facts would be investigated and that “in the event of any irregularity, it will be done administratively and legally”.
However, hours later, Eduardo Clark, director of digital government in Mexico City, said that five to seven doses can be removed for Pfizer vaccines, depending on the type of syringe used.
“If you use a normal syringe five come out, if you use a dead low volume intermediate syringe six come out, and if you have very special syringes called zero dead volume, you basically take out every last drop, we can get up to seven doses,” Explained in Formula Group’s Atando Cabos program.
The official stated that during the recent vaccination phase in Cuauhtémoc “zero volume dead needles were used, that allowed us to take seven doses from each vial, we have not done it again,” she told journalist Denise Maerker.
In the face of questions, Clark said he empty himself on official vaccination guidelines.
“Be sure that that week we vaccinated according to the official guideline, to have adequate doses for everyone, but the Pfizer dose came out for this special syringe,” he insisted.
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