translated from Spanish: Suspected gay serial killer arrested in Brazil

The suspect, identified as José Tiago Correia Soroka, 33, who was wanted by the authorities since the beginning of May, was arrested on a boarding house in the Capao Raso neighborhood of the Paranaense capital. According to the Paraná Police, the suspect was arrested around 07.30 local time (10.30 GMT), after receiving information about his whereabouts on the eve. Correia Soroka is accused of killing three young homosexuals and attempting to murder a fourth victim, who was saved from death and was the one who reported him to the authorities. According to the authorities, the suspect committed the crimes weekly for a month. The first three murders were recorded between April 16 and May 4 in the city of Curitiba, and a week later the attempted murder took place in a municipality in Santa Catarina.Investigations indicated that all the victims met with the suspect in their own homes, after contacting virtual dating platforms. The alleged killer’s “modus operandi” was to take unsuspecting his victims who he suffocated with a pillow or quilt, and then leave the place with one or two of his belongings.

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