translated from Spanish: Vehicular flow in Santiago increased 18.9% on average over the weekend after implementation of the mobility pass

The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications today delivered a balance sheet with the mobility records during the past Saturday and Sunday, days in which people with their full vaccination schedule were able to make use of their Mobility Pass, which allowed them to move in communes in quarantine or transition.
In the Metropolitan Public Transport system, during Saturday there were 977,832 trips, which represents an increase of 15% compared to the same day of the previous week, although it is still 55% below the first Saturday of last March. On Sunday, 565,419 validations were registered, which is 13% lower compared to the previous Sunday and also 51% lower compared to March.
As for vehicular flows, increases were observed during Saturday and Sunday, of 21.66% and 16.19%, respectively. However, compared to the first weekend of March, they are down 13.81% and 15.52%, respectively.
The undersecretary of Transport, José Luis Domínguez, said that “these data are expected with this new scenario of the Mobility Pass. Our call is for people who leave their homes to do so with the respective permits, either with the Mobility Pass or the authorizations of the Virtual Police Station, and to comply with the different sanitary measures in order to protect their health and that of everyone.
Regarding vehicular traffic in regions, in Antofagasta there was an increase of 87% in vehicular flows during Saturday and 113% on Sunday, compared to the previous week.
Meanwhile, in Coquimbo-La Serena, compared to last weekend, flows had an increase of 22.67% in the case of Saturday and a fall of 1.33% on Sunday.
In Greater Valparaiso there was an increase of 18.12% and 32.38% on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, in contrast to the previous weekend.
The O’Higgins Region had a 13% drop on Saturday and a 12% increase on Sunday, both comparisons from the previous weekend.
Finally, in the Gran Concepción, compared to the previous Saturday and Sunday, there was an increase of 7.59% and a fall of 17.41%, respectively.
The Mobility Pass came into effect last Wednesday and can be obtained by those who have completed their vaccination scheme against Covid-19 and have completed 14 days after the second inoculation. This permit, in addition to allowing travel in quarantined or transition communes, allows people to make interregional trips between communes that are at least in Phase 2.

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