translated from Spanish: Do not waste your vote, only Morena represents a real change: Bedolla

Ciudad Hidalgo, Michoacán. – “It is clear that we are all part of the project of hope and the Fourth Transformation in Hidalgo and Michoacan, but it is necessary to convince ten more people and that no one is left without voting four out of four for Morena and PT,” gubernatorial candidate Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla said in a statement at the close of the Ciudad Hidalgo campaign.
Ramirez Bedolla listened to the requests and proposals of each candidate from that region, he said that attention can be given to the needs if you work with honesty and courage, but above all with the joint work of the state and federal government; federal and local deputies, as well as local deputies, and especially with people in unity, in the holdings, communities, and colonies to face the challenges of Michoacan, he said.
Jose Luis Telles Marin, candidate for president of Ciudad Hidalgo, expressed his confidence in Ramirez Bedolla as governor to attract investment, economic and social development projects, as well as to pay attention to the kidney health needs that significantly affect that area of eastern Michoacan.
The candidate and candidate for the federal deputation for the 06th district, Yuritzi Juarez of the PT and Margarito Fierros of Morena, pointed out the need to have a majority in the federal congress because the nation project of the 4T is at stake; Margarito went further by asking voters to analyze who has the best chance of winning to give him the vote, because it is necessary to work from the Congress of the Union to solve the needs of that district.
The candidate of the Coalition Together We Will Make History said that the corruption mafia is already leaving, but they will have to be held accountable to know the destination of the resources that have arrived and are not reflected in works or actions.
Finally, he said that although the polls put him as a virtual winner, it is the people who define the victory with their vote, so he called for the undecided to convince them of the historic opportunity they have and to vote for Alfredo Ramirez Bedolla, in addition to the candidates of the Morena coalition and the Labor Party.

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