translated from Spanish: Environment and digitalization are part of the future challenges announced in Public Account 2021

President Sebastián Piñera made the last Public Account of his term before the National Congress and the country.
There he announced that “a government and a president must also look beyond the period of their mandate. We have formidable and urgent problems, challenges and opportunities to face.”
This highlighted climate change and technology in the impact on the quality of life of Chilean families.
“Chile and the Chileans are very clear about our commitments and responsibilities. That is why we are committed to transforming Chile into a Carbon Neutral country and fulfilling our commitments with the Paris Agreement,” the president said.
To implement the plan, clean and renewable energies, the decarbonization of the energy matrix, the electrification of the public transport system, the generation of greater energy efficiency and the protection of forests, especially native forests, are being promoted.
Piñera also highlighted the “enormous potential in clean and renewable energies, such as energy from the sun, wind, land and sea”, other than the “great potential to become an efficient global producer of Green Hydrogen, a clean and renewable fuel, which we can produce with water and clean energy, and which can surpass mining as a generator of jobs , riches, opportunities and exports for Chile”.
As for the Digital Revolution and the Knowledge and Information Society, the President said that “they are already changing our lives in all areas of human work, including the way we work, undertake and communicate.”
He stressed that these technology and its use “must be inclusive and reach everyone. It is also essential to protect our freedoms, our identity, our privacy and even our rights of conscience and neural from these changes.”
He also highlighted how Chile is moving forward with the implementation of 5G networks, which due to their greater capacity, speed and security, will make possible the full deployment of the digital society, the Internet of Things, homes, workplaces and smart cities.
Currently in full development is the National Optical Fiber, which will link Chile from Visviri to Puerto Montt, the Southern Optical Fiber, which will link Puerto Montt with Puerto Williams, and the Submarine Optical Cable, which will link Chile and our continent with the Asia Pacific.
Digitalization was fundamental in the pandemic with recent advances such as the Virtual Police Station, Chile Atender, TV Educa or the Digital Hospital. Or without the technologies that have made teleworking, distance learning, virtual meetings or e-commerce possible. On the other hand, the pandemic accelerated the development and use of the technologies and applications of the digital revolution.
Araucanía Impulse Plan
Within the Plan Impulso Araucanía, the president announced that digital connectivity in the area will be improved “through the priority implementation of the 5G Network, a fifth-generation technology; the deployment of the National Optical Fiber in 24 communes of the region and in the 7 communes of the Province of Arauco; the extension of the Victoria – Temuco train to Padre las Casas; the incorporation of electric buses into public transport; and a Special Plan for infrastructure, drinking water and roads.”

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