translated from Spanish: Javier receives the sacred baptism in the church of Guadalupe

Guasave, Sinaloa.-The name of Javier received the heir of the Maldonado Salazar after being baptized in the pile of the parish of Guadalupe. His proud parents, Javier Maldonado and Yuniva Lizbeth Salazar, chose as godparents of their son José Pascual Martínez Rojo and María de los Ángeles Pérez Ibarra, who promised to be always present in the life of the child to guide his steps along the right path so that he becomes an exemplary person dedicated to good. To celebrate such a beautiful blessing, a pleasant party was held where those closest to the family were part of the list of special guests and those who came with pleasure to witness the pleasant moments that were lived in the celebration and to keep present every moment that enjoyed the cameras of this publishing house captured every second so that the Maldonado Salazar family maintains a beautiful memory of such a special day. 
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At the end the guests thanked for such fine attentions to their part and expressed the happy that they withdrew from the party to enjoy every second to the fullest seeing little Javier happy in his baptism party.   

Original source in Spanish

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