translated from Spanish: Due to lack of resources, INE cuts boxes and ballots for popular consultation

The National Electoral Institute (INE) warned that it will deduct to «minimum necessary parameters» the popular consultation on the «clarification of the political decisions taken in past years,» due to the lack of budget.
In an extraordinary session, the General Council of the INE approved the ballot that will be used for the consultation, announced for august 1. However, the agency said it will announce the number of ballot boxes and ballots it will print until after the June 6 election.
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Councilor Dania Ravel pointed out that «derived from the adverse budgetary context that the Institute is going through, the model designed to carry out this consultation was designed to comply only with minimum standards that allow guaranteeing the rights of citizens.»
«To provide citizens with a participatory day that meets the highest quality standards, it has been determined that the ballots are produced half a letter, without security paper, although it does include security elements that avoid duplication. It is also proposed that the design of the ballot does not include the data of the municipality or mayor’s office and that this be placed during the sealing of ballots in the districts, as part of the counting and sealing process,» the councilor explained.

Among the benefits of this proposal, he said, there will be less paper consumption, reduced activity times of newspapers, less probability of error in the distribution of ballots.
The INE also changed the wording of the question that will appear on the ballot, «with a citizen language that will allow clarity.»
The question that will be read on the ballots is: «Do you agree or disagree that the relevant actions should be carried out, in accordance with the constitutional and legal framework, to undertake a process of clarification of the political decisions taken in recent years by the political actors aimed at guaranteeing justice and the rights of potential victims?»
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For the development of the consultation, the institute proposed an expenditure of 890 million 472 thousand pesos, although it asked the federal government and the Chamber of Deputies for their accompaniment in the year, due to the lack of budget. With this, it is considered that there will be 91 thousand boxes, with one thousand 500 ballots each.
The original project contemplated an investment of one thousand 500 million pesos to install 104,667 boxes.

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