translated from Spanish: Trailer released for “Futura”, Italian film with Daniela Vega

Yesterday the trailer for “Futura” was released, the new film by Italian director Lamberto Sanfelice where the national actress Daniela Vega will be one of the protagonists.
In this new project on the big screen, the actress speaks in Italian and will play the role of Lucya, a Chilean who becomes the only friend of Louis (Niels Schneider), a prodigious jazz musician who abandons music after struggling with the first difficulties of life as a trumpeter, so she works as a night taxi driver.
However, not only with the help of his taxi he makes ends meet, as Louis is also engaged in the sale of cocaine with Lucya. According to the film’s synopsis, the protagonist has “an unresolved relationship with his father figure, the legendary saxophonist Max Perri, which further distances him from his wife and daughter.” “The opportunity for redemption comes when Niko, an old friend of his father’s, offers to join his band for an important concert that could mark a turning point in his career,” the text adds.
The film is scheduled to premiere in Italy and Europe on June 17 this year.
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After the success of “Una Mujer Fantástico”, a film that won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, the Chilean actress has been recognized in different festivals of the seventh art, even managing to be part of the jury of the Sundance Festival in the 2021 edition.
He has also participated in the Chilean Amazon series “La Jauría”, recognized by Variety magazine as one of the best series of 2020.
Vega is also on the Netflix grid in the series “Tales of the city,” as well as in the documentary “Disclosure,” focused on hollywood trans personalities.
The actress will also appear in “The Power”, a series for the streaming platform Amazon Prime where she will play Sister Maria. The series, which is based on the novel of the same name by British writer Naomi Alderman, is expected to be released this year.

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