translated from Spanish: Video: the journey of a drone over a volcano until it is destroyed by lava

The Fagradalsfjall volcano erupted for the first time on March 19 – after remaining dormant for more than 900 years – and has since attracted numerous astonished spectators. It is located 40 kilometers from Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland and the government established a permanent exclusion perimeter with a radius of 400 meters around the volcano that can expand up to 650, depending on the wind. Since then crowds have been documenting the volcanic activity and users on social media did not hesitate to spread photos and videos. But one of the most shocking sequences of the bubbling lava is the one that managed to capture the YouTuber Joey Helms. 

The video shows the flight of a drone -equipped with 4k resolution cameras- over the volcano that at the time was “bubbly”, explained the creator of audiovisual content and the ending is epic because the device ends up crashing into the lava.” Around the volcano where hot gases are emitted, which cause turbulence around it and causes several hot rocks to rain on you. So flying these things like drones is more complicated in a place like that,” Joey Helms revealed.

“Was it worth it? Tell me. People star and lose drones all the time, at least we had an epic final look,” Joey commented on social media as he shared these images that quickly went viral. 

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