translated from Spanish: They denounce in networks excessive charges in restaurant of the CDMX

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Mexico.- After Sandra “G” denounced on Facebook having been “victim of a scam” when consuming food at the Mirador Zócalo restaurant, where she was charged the tip and “hoss” (welcome to the customer) and “cover” (access) per person, began to circulate on social networks videos reporting the abuses of these establishments.
Sandra “G” posted her “bad experience” on the terrace and recommended better to withdraw from those places. “This happened to me on the 6th floor of Monte de Piedad no. 11, in a building located next to the plinth in the center of the city and which according to is called ‘Mirador del zócalo’. To begin with the costs are exaggerated, but anyway… I accepted it,” he began his narration.
Everything was going well until he asked for the account that, initially, was 850 pesos, but “out of nowhere”, consumption rose from 925 pesos and with the total service increased to one thousand 540 pesos. And it was just three burgers and five drinks.

“Obviously, I asked the waiter to explain to me the reason for that account. He tells me that the tip is linked, a charge of ‘hoss’ (host) and ‘cover’ per person and I read immediately that in the Consumer Law data that no establishment can demand any type of percentage, since the tip is voluntary, “he said. He claimed that the ‘cover’ is not mentioned in his menu.
“Obviously I held on to him arguing that I wasn’t going to pay him more than my consumption, to which the waiter got so intimidating, to the point that he was almost on top of me. I was at a total disadvantage, since I was accompanied only by my children and if they intimidate you, because when I started to claim the waiter out of nowhere four more men appeared, “he added.
In the end, “they got a little heavy on me and I feared for the integrity of myself and my children, because at the bottom of this building you see very ugly people who are obviously colluding with them. When I asked him for the account to take the photo he denied it, for obvious reasons, but I was able to take the photo,” he said.
In addition, he commented that he tried to guglear the place and never appeared, the waiters do not wear uniform, they dress in a common way that go unnoticed.
“At no time did I doubt the quality of the service as it is a welcoming place. It does not look like a ‘bad death’, but, in the end, appearances deceive. Obviously, I will file my complaint with Profeco, but if you come to find this place, omit it immediately,” he recommended.

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