translated from Spanish: Ciclovía de Cerritos, Mazatlan almost to be completed; they already use it

Sinaloa.- After more than four months of having begun its construction, the cerritos avenue bikeway in Mazatlan is almost finished, so its inauguration will be once the election day next Sunday passes. The track is already used by both pedestrians and cyclists, who from early on travel the 4.3 kilometers that make it up, from the Marina Náutica to the Brujas beach area.
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Work continues
At least six people are working on the communication route, which is responsible for carrying out minimal tasks, since the work is about to be completed. Read more: Citizens are called to go out and vote with conviction this Sunday in Sinaloa Among the actions carried out by the staff is the removal of debris that has generated the construction of the bike lay. They are also responsible for finishing the smallest details, through the use of the concrete mixture, which with shovels is poured in the sections where it is needed and which is about to be completed in the coming days.

In addition to the concrete iron, the cerritos avenue bike path has led lamp lighting along the way, which gives security to passers-by, who both in the morning, afternoon or evening make use of it, either to move from one point to another or to exercise during the day. Staff working on the work do not rule out that it will be inaugurated once tomorrow’s election day is over. While the official date of its opening arrives, the Cerritos bike lav is already used by the people who pass through that part of the municipality. Read more: WHO warns of lack of vaccines, calls for accelerating donation to Covax FundThe Data
The work is made up of 4.3 kilometers long, whose construction was launched by Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel since last February 3, where municipal authorities and neighbors were. connectivity
The bikeway has an investment of 25.3 million pesos, which joins the 18 kilometers of the sections of other bike paths that are located in Paseo Claussen, Avenida Del Mar, Camarón-Sábalo, Rafael Buelna, Gutiérrez Nájera and Parque Lineal.

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Original source in Spanish

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