translated from Spanish: Clandestine parties do not stop: 94 arrested in Talagante and 14 in Ñuñoa after denouncing “annoying noises”

94 people were arrested by the Carabineros for participating in a clandestine party in the commune of Talagante. Neighbors alerted the authorities, denouncing what was happening inside a restobar located in the center of the commune.
Police officers went to the scene and found the presence of two teenagers among the total number of people arrested.
The total of those surprised were transferred to the 23rd police station of Talagante.
In the Metropolitan Region the party did not stop and early saturday morning 14 people were arrested while participating in a clandestine party in the middle of the curfew in the commune of Ñuñoa.
According to Captain Maria Jesus Cadiz, officiating round of the Santiago Oriente Prefecture of Carabineros, the fact was exposed after the complaint of several neighbors street Poppies for “annoying noises” and an alleged breach of the permitted capacity. Police checked the situation and found 14 people, all of them of legal age, participating in the celebration. Some of these detainees were driving on public roads.
Captain Cadiz also reported that “it is not yet very well known who the tenant is, who the guests are. Apparently they were sub-subleaing the apartment,” so this information is being verified in the police unit.

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