translated from Spanish: “Déjame”: the latest Latin American feminist fusion led by Camila Moreno

“It is a story of love, eroticism and revolution that takes place in the twenty-first century. A Creole dystopia installed on this side of the world, “explains Camila Moreno about her latest production and one of the most successful collaborations of the Chilean singer, a stage in which she ventures to visit folk sonorities through pop and electronica.
The female power of the region unites to deliver a message inspired by the pun between “let me do it and let me go (…) in the lyrics there is a desire to escape, to flee, but also to want to be better for the other person”, comment the singers about the promotional cut. In addition, the audiovisual proposal of the song was recorded in Chile, Mexico and Canada, each from its current location.
A production challenge that fills the space thanks to its rhapsodito-epic spirit. “By inviting Ximena and Lido, the song expanded and grew even more,” Moreno says about this topic, which he delves into, explaining that this is a moment of breaking relationships and the attempt to recover what was lost before death.
Finally, each of the voices that make up this virtual trio in times of pandemic, are also outstanding voices in each of their countries, being exponents of the proposals of transversal sense for their listeners throughout Latin America. “You can’t see me, I’m lying to you, come on, I can’t have you, I can’t do it like him,” says the lyrics of déjame, a message in which we can reflect on, “the ironic competition with a patriarchal archetype, saying that I can do better”, proposes Camila Moreno about the strong feminist inclinations of this song.
The theme is now available on all digital platforms and you can watch the released video clip via YouTube.

Original source in Spanish

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