translated from Spanish: Minister Delgado defended expulsion of migrants after criticism

Interior Minister Rodrigo Delgado defended the expulsion of immigrants, noting that these are people who are related to crimes such as child trafficking, drugs and robbery with violence.” We are not talking about presumptions, there are about twenty of these people who are condemned and are going to commute their sentences with expulsion. They are people who were linked to the trafficking of minors (…) That is, if someone can tell me if there is any crime more complex than that, I think it could be among the crimes that one could classify as more complex,” said the secretary of state, according to Cooperativa.In that sense, he declared that there is a group that is convicted of “drug trafficking, there are people also convicted of robbery with violence. What more complex for a person who is a victim of a crime? Therefore, we are talking about people who are going to commute their sentences and were convicted in Chile.” On the other hand, there are people who have an administrative expulsion for having entered Chile clandestinely, without having done anything in practically a year or a year and a half,” he said. The government authority made these statements at an event where a new expulsion of migrants from the country was reported.

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