translated from Spanish: Morena’s loss of qualified majority hits AMLO

Mexico .- Journalist Carlos Loret de Mola said that the loss of morena’s qualified majority in the Chamber of Deputies, which has shown the quick count of the INE, will help to “resist” President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), who will no longer be able to make changes to the Constitution without negotiating with the opposition. In her column “Amlo’s Sad Night” published Monday in The Washington Post, Loret de Mola points out that despite the virtual victory that Morena took in most of the governorships and that she manages to maintain the simple majority in the House, undoubtedly the loss of the qualified majority represents a hard blow for the president.
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The result of the midterm election on Sunday 6 is a stumbling block: it leaves his (AMLO’s) project with at least 50 fewer deputies, without the qualified majority that would allow him to change the Constitution at will,” Loret said.

Read more: AMLO accuses ‘dirty war’ after Morena lost mayoralties at MEXICO CITYThe Latinus driver opined that this preliminary result “breaks the narrative” of Mexico’s president, who “spends two hours a daily press conference” highlighting his government’s “imaginary achievements.”

This Monday, June 7, after the largest elections in the history of Mexico, Loret de Mola stresses that it will be possible to recognize that part of the people is no longer with AMLO and “has preferred to prescribe a counterweight in the Chamber of Deputies.” Although this counterweight will not be a resounding impediment for the president, the communicator believes that “it will complicate the route”, because to reach the simple majority, with which budgets and laws are approved, Morena will have to resort to his allies of the PVEM, which stars in a new scandal for using influencers and celebrities to make propaganda during the electoral ban , the journalist explained.
For a president who is presumed to be different from those of the past, and even morally superior, the indispensable alliance with the Green Party leaves him morally lame. Instead, for the Green Party it represents an invaluable opportunity to sell their votes to AMLO dearly… or another,” Loret said.

In that sense, the Latinus driver warned that the new challenge that López Obrador and Morena will face will be “to maintain cohesion with their allies,” especially considering that the satellite parties that sought to participate in the political scene did not even reach the minimum required vote. Despite the fact that the party he founded and approves all his initiatives has lost fifty deputies in San Lázaro, Loret adds that AMLO “will continue to be very strong and will continue to exercise power without tolerance,” but stresses that “the opposition has found its place.”
This new legislative counterweight does not guarantee, because it is not robust enough, that AMLO will not continue his drive to move towards the one-man country (…) But what there is, as of last night, is more muscle to resist him,” concluded Carlos Loret de Mola.

This is how the seats of San Lázaros would be according to the INE’s quick count. Image: INE

Morena loses qualified majority of deputies
According to the results of the INE’s quick count, Morena will continue to remain the leading political force in the Chamber of Deputies, although voting trends showed that it would lose its absolute majority of 251 legislators. Morena would retain between 190 and 203 deputies in the Chamber; the Labour Party, between 35 and 41, while the Green Party, between 40 and 48. The three parties, which make up an alliance, would add up to between 265 and 292 federal deputies. While on the side of the opposition, the PAN would take from 106 to 117 deputations; the PRD, between 12 and 21, and the PRI from 63 to 75 seats, with which they will undoubtedly seek to consolidate themselves as a counterweight to the AMLO government, backed by Morena and his allies. Read more: Elections Mexico 2021: INE recognizes and appreciates high citizen participationWhile parties such as Fuerza por México and Redes Sociales Progresistas (RSP) could lose their registration by not alcanzar the 3% of votes to maintain it, in addition to not having any deputy in San Lázaro.And is that even with the alliance of Morena, PT and PVEM, would be missing at least 42 deputies to reach the qualified majority of 334 in the House, which is needed to make changes to the Constitution.

The delegate of the national executive committee of the Morena party in Jalisco, Yeidckol Polevnsky

Original source in Spanish

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