translated from Spanish: Landed the plane with Sputnik vaccines and the active component to produce

An Aerolineas Argentinas flight from Moscow landed this afternoon at Ezeiza International Airport and brought the active component to accelerate local production of Sputnik V. In the same plane also arrived almost 500 thousand doses of the first and the second component to advance in the completion of the vaccination schedules of those who received a dose.

Flight AR1063 landed at the Airport “Ministro Pistarini” after 16:30 with 400 thousand Sputnik V vaccines against Covid- 19 corresponding to the second dose and 81,850 for the application of the first. The active component that will be packaged in the plant rented by the Richmond Laboratory is 300 liters and will start the local production of the vaccine.

LIVE | Arrival of the Aerolineas Argentinas flight that brings more doses and 300 liters of the active ingredient for the local production of the vaccine Sputnik V. — Casa Rosada (@CasaRosada)
June 8, 2021

That start of production in Argentina will be 500,000 of capacity that will be expanded to make 5 million of the two components per month.” The difference between countries that produce and those that do not produce vaccines in access was demonstrated. Countries that produce vaccines, vaccinate; those who don’t, wait,” Marcelo Figueiras said today in Congress.

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