translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] French President Emmanuel Macron was slapped by a man during an official trip: moment went viral on social media

French President Emmanuel Macron was slapped tuesday by a man during an official trip to the Drôme department, where bodyguards quickly intervened and two people were arrested. The image quickly circulated on social media and shows the president approaching a fence to greet people waiting for him on the street. By shaking hands with a man, he assaults him. The Elysee merely confirmed that “a man tried to hit him,” although the video gives the impression that he does touch him, and noted that they will not comment further on the matter, although he did say that Macron’s exchanges with people continued after what happened. The head of state was in the area in the second stage of a mini tour he is making of France to “take the pulse” of the country, in his own words, in the same month of the regional elections, which will be held on June 20 and 27, and a year before the presidential elections. This is not the first time that one of his direct encounters with the population has ended with incidents. In March 2017, when he was still a presidential candidate, he was hit by an egg on a visit to the Paris Agriculture Salon, and in June 2016, as economy minister under socialist François Hollande, a group of trade unionists did the same in Montreuil, on the outskirts of the capital. The reaction of the political class was not long in showing its condemnation of this altercation today. Among them, Prime Minister Jean Castex, who spoke in the National Assembly: “Democracy is debate, dialogue, confrontation, expression of legitimate disagreements, but it cannot be in any case violence, verbal aggression and much less physical aggression,” he said. In his opinion, through the head of state, the whole of democracy has been attacked. The president of the far-right National Rally, Marine Le Pen, took to Twitter to say that although “democratic debate can be tough, it must never tolerate physical violence”, so she “firmly” condemned what happened and called it “intolerable”. In the same social network, the leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon spoke: “Do you begin to understand this time that violence passes to the act? I sympathize with the president,” said The Leader of France Insumisa.Mélenchon had been in the focus of controversy these days when he said on a television program that in the last week of the presidential campaign there would be “a serious incident or a murder.” His statement was quickly criticized and Macron himself on Tuesday called for calm, noting that “democratic life needs tranquility and respect from everyone, both political leaders and citizens.”

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