translated from Spanish: Gigliola Torres demands federation not to reduce resources to the FAM to strengthen education sector

Morelia, Michoacán.- The Federal Government, in the exercise of its powers in the planning, programming and execution of concurrent federal programs in the field of education, guarantees the programming of the budget to the Multiple Contributions Fund (FAM) in each fiscal year, as a provision for the permanent application of programs for the equipment and educational infrastructure of basic, upper secondary and higher level in the 32 states, urged Deputy Gigliola Yaniritziratzin Torres García to the federation.
During the session held this day, the local deputy explained the need for the State Congress to establish as a priority the defense of education, therefore, she proposed a point of agreement to call on the Federal Government to, within the scope of its powers in the planning, programming and execution of concurrent federal programs, avoid cutting the budget to the Multiple Contributions Fund (FAM).
In addition to not reducing resources, he said that it is necessary to look for mechanisms so that there are gradual increases in each fiscal year, so that these resources can be applied in educational infrastructure projects.
“The dignification of education starts not only from its educational contents, but from the constant improvement of its spaces, in the vision where the development and improvement of educational environments prevails as the main element for the teaching-learning process, being the premise that students, teachers and managers have permanent access to an adequate functioning of their facilities, health services, drinking fountain systems, furniture and equipment, accessibility and infrastructure for connectivity and multipurpose spaces”.
In Michoacán, gigliola Torres explained, a total of 9,648 public education schools are concentrated at the levels of special, basic, upper secondary and higher education; through the investment made of the concurrent federal programs for education from 2015 to 2018, a total of one thousand 800 million pesos have been exercised, which have allowed to benefit a total of one thousand 772 educational establishments.” This investment means an impact of the student universe of more than 995,720 students enrolled throughout the state, an investment that becomes an improvement, in addition, for teachers and managers in the dignification of their workplaces”.
Derived from the coordination with the federal public administration agencies with the entity, in the field of education it has been possible to apply the National Program of School Drinking Fountains, divided into four stages that include works from 2017 to 2020 favoring 624 schools around the state.
In addition, even though the figure of the trusts was seriously questioned, the current National Program “The School is Ours” now applied by the Secretariat of Welfare of the Federal Government in Michoacan had an investment of 484.35 million pesos, which have favored more than 112 thousand people through equipment and educational infrastructure.
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Gigliola Torres argued that this budgetary availability, with the passage of time, has become a source of financing that as already indicated by the transitional provisions of the Budget of Expenditures of the Federation of each fiscal year, these economies are a usable resource for investment in educational infrastructure.
Finally, he recalled that in Michoacan, as part of the recovery of marginal economies, an amount equivalent to 0.034% of the total budget approved for these programs was obtained, but that even though percentages may seem minimal, this liquidity was redirected to the priority schools in accordance with the lists of beneficiaries of the concurrent federal programs of the National Institute of Educational Physical Infrastructure (INIFED), as well as of the schools that, with data from the federal and state agencies in the field of education, required to cover their infrastructure and equipment needs.

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