translated from Spanish: José Manuel Urcera confirmed the romance with Nicole Neumann

After a trip that Nicole Neumann and José Manuel Urcera made together to the South of Argentina, where they strengthened the relationship. The racing driver spoke to Intruders and confirmed the budding romance between the two. 

Yesterday, the media approached the model, who was surprised with all the data transcended but limited himself to saying “I’m very well”. But in the show, they went for more, and found the word of the pilot who was encouraged to give details of the relationship. There, Manu as he is known in the world of TC, acknowledged that he is not used to the media looking for him for a topic other than specifically motorsport. As for the viralization of the trip they shared with Neuquén, he said that he found it strange that everyone wrote to him to ask him, at the same time that he said “I understand that it is part of this.” And he added about the impact of the romance between his family, and close friends: “he is the person who likes your friends, your friends’ parents, grandparents, everyone. It’s very cute and it’s known in the country and it causes that. But then when you meet people in person, you normalize them and you treat them as equals.” Towards the end of the interview, Urcera confirmed that the relationship is going from strength to strength, assuring that at the moment they are getting to know each other and everything is flowing very well. 

Original source in Spanish

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