translated from Spanish: Respirators donated by Messi have been stranded at Rosario airport for 10 months

On August 8 of last year, 32 ventilators arrived in Argentina that Lionel Messi had donated to strengthen the sanitary equipment of our country that, at that time, was facing the first wave of coronavirus. However, 10 months later, those respirators still did not leave the warehouse at rosario islas malvinas international airport because they did not obtain authorization from the National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT). As published by Infobae, the equipment donated by the captain of the National Team is used in medical centers in Spain and was manufactured by the automotive company Seat, and were intended for hospitals and health centers in his hometown. The equipment “is kind of in limbo because customs procedures cannot be completed. And until the papers are presented, they will remain in the tax warehouse,” a source close to the process of processing customs authorizations told La Capital. In case of obtaining the approval, its distribution would not be immediate, since it must first pass a control process. The arrival of the 32 ventilators was part of a total donation of 50 ventilators for rosario hospitals. The sending of the remaining 18 teams was scheduled in the Messi Foundation’s schedule, although it was halted until the approval and entry of the first batch was resolved. The conflict over the customs lock and possible approvals is still being worked on from Barcelona.The problem around these respirators is striking, since in May of last year the Foundation had sent ventilators to the country and they were approved without major problems by the ANMAT. The situation becomes especially relevant at a time when Rosario – and all of Santa Fe – is on the verge of sanitary collapse, with 99% of critical beds occupied.
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