translated from Spanish: Transport and Gender launched the new SUBE card with information on Line 144

Within the framework of a joint work between the Ministry of Transport of the Nation and the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity, a new SUBE card was launched yesterday for the whole country that has information on the channels of containment and advice in cases of gender-based violence.

The initiative, with a focus on awareness-raising policies, was presented at an event attended by the Minister of Transportation of the Nation, Alexis Guerrera, along with the Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity, Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta. Also the director of Gender Policies and Diversity of Transport, Florencia Esperón, and the president of AYSA, Malena Galmarini.De this way, the campaign of line 144 is expanded from a means of extensive arrival such as the card for public transport. Since the beginning of the administration, the Ministry of National Transport has maintained a work agenda that has as one of the main axes the consolidation of public policies aimed at equality and gender awareness.

Alexis Guerrera, Minister of Transportation of the Nation

In this regard, Minister Guerrera said: “The idea is not only to continue, but to deepen the work that was done in this year and a half of management. We are moving forward and addressing different methodologies to bring all people closer to the possibility of having the containment of the State, through actions such as the plotting of the wagons with the communication channels, and what today materializes in this SUBE card with the contacts of the 144, allowing that, in the face of the emergency and difficulty , you have a number to go to.”

Guerrera, Gómez Alcorta and Galmarini

In the same vein, Minister Alcorta said: “Today we are taking another step that is important, significant, symbolic, not only for women but for all people who move by public transport. Being able to be in the wallets, in the pockets, in the wallets of the Argentines is a great step so that all people in situations of violence know that they are not alone, that we have teams of professionals from the 144 line available 24 hours a day to accompany them”.

In this way, it will take advantage of the space on the back of the SUBE card that will function as an amplifier of the campaign that encourages people to advise themselves in cases of gender violence and thus, from Transport, also fulfills the commitments assumed within the “National Plan of Action against Gender-Based Violence 2020-2022” of the National Government.

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