translated from Spanish: Fujimori sees fraud and hand of the global “left” in election results

Peruvian presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori said on Saturday that “table fraud” and the “international left” are behind the result of the elections that have candidate Pedro Castillo as virtual winner, in the absence of the official proclamation by the National Electoral Jury (JNE).
This is how the candidate expressed himself in a meeting with the Foreign Press Association of Peru (APEP) in which he evaluated the elections of June 6, which left Castillo with a lead of about 50,000 votes, and the attempt to annul some 200,000 votes promoted by his party before the JNE to reverse these results.
The candidate, accompanied by her candidate for vice president Luis Galarreta and legal advisor Miguel Torres, insisted on the thesis she launched last Monday, when the results began to draw her defeat at the polls, of the existence of a “fraud at the table” orchestrated by Castillo’s party, Free Peru, to “violate the electoral result.”

In this context, Fujimori and his advisers pointed out that this “Marxist-Leninist” party had “infiltrated” the polling stations to manipulate the result, and that their request to annul those 200,000 votes responds to a measure to “know the truth” about what happened.
All this would have occurred in a context that has Peru as “the new epicenter of a confrontation between communism and a free economy, the left and the center-right, statism and the free market, freedom of the press and freedom of expression.”
Thus, Peru would today be a scene of the “battle” that is not an election “over Keiko Fujimori or Fujimorism,” but between “communism and democracy.”
In his opinion, the participation of the “international left” in this alleged fraud is seen in the reaction of several countries and political leaders of the Latin American left to the vote.
The candidate did not provide any reliable evidence of these accusations, except for alleged irregularities in voting stations with the signatures of those responsible for them, which she presented as “identity theft” or the alleged family ties between its members, something prohibited by law.
“The participation of the international left has been seen for now when we are counting the votes and some members such as President (Alberto) Fernández (of Argentina) spoke out proclaiming Pedro Castillo as the winner. Same with several active members of the Latin American left,” Fujimori said.

Galarreta went a step further and said that from Fuerza Popular they have found “that the electoral system has been grossly penetrated by people from Free Peru, who have found loopholes in the electoral rules.”
“We will have to ask ourselves if they came from outside (those responsible for this fraud), as they went to Venezuela, as they did to Bolivia. They have found loopholes in Peru, where they have manipulated mistakes as a modus operandi (for fraud),” he added.
For Fujimori, this attack on the Peruvian elections occurs because the country “is strategic geopolitically speaking and fundamental in Latin America”
“That is why the international left is trying to twist the will of the people,” he added.
None of the electoral observation missions that have visited the country, including that of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Inter-American Union of Electoral Bodies (Uniore), have found serious irregularities.
In fact, they have congratulated Peru on the correct conduct of the elections.

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