translated from Spanish: Martin Demichelis got a tattoo in honor of Evangelina Anderson

Newcomers from Marbella, where they were on holiday, the family settled back in Germany, where they have been living for years because of Martin Demichelis’ work commitments. Former footballer and now coach of bayern Munich reserveEvangelina Anderson and Demichelis met in 2008, at a bowling alley in Carlos Paz and since then they have been together for 12 years and three children: Bastian (12), Lola (8) and Emma (4).
The model, showed in the Q&A segment of instagram, the new design that her husband has on the body and that he did it in honor of her and the great family they formed. The tattoo is on the forearm and has the word Eva in italics next to a line where 3 little birds are perched that conclude with a heart-shaped balloon. In this way the DT united the loves of his life that he will carry forever in his skin. Evangelina said that the three little birds are in honor of the three children they have together, Bastian, Lola and Emma, and clarified that they do not plan to add one more. «The factory is closed! Martin always tells me he wants one more… for me with three we are fine, but I say it because the youngest is still a baby,» he said on his social media. 

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