translated from Spanish: The enviable figure of Sofia Telch, daughter of Ninel Conde

Mexico.  Sofia Telch, the beautiful daughter of Ninel Conde and Ari Telch is already 24 years old and although she figures little on Instagram, she destroys her beauty and conquers fans continuously. Sofia is a very beautiful girl, since that quality she inherited from her famous mother, and surely also the physical appearance, since she captivates with him in her publications.
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In a recent post, Sofia is shown in a swimsuit in a pool and ready to sunbathe and as a result gets thousands of Likes, as well as comments from her followers.

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Instagram photo

Sofia has not been called until now to dedicate herself to the world of show business, as her parents have done, and as Ari has shared, she chose to study literature, film, theater and loves publishing. Conde and Telch had a relationship of two years, from 1996 to 1998, and as a result of it was born Sofia, who for most of her life her parents have kept her out of public life, but it is a few months to date that she lets herself be seen on Instagram.

Sofia Telch and Ari Telch. Instagram photo

It is since August 2020 that Sofia remains active on Instagram and sporadically shares photographs and videos of hers that show what her life is like in which she loves to travel and also shows her looks and some beauty tips. And sometimes he surprises his followers by showing himself with looks and outfits a little daring, which they can love and they let them know with their flattering comments.

Sofia Telch. Instagram photo

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