translated from Spanish: Mario Moreno will contest Evelyn Salgado’s virtual triumph in Guerrero

The candidate of the PRI-PRD alliance for governor of Guerrero, Mario Moreno Arcos, announced that he will challenge the results of the election that place Evelyn Salgado as the virtual winner, due to “the series of serious irregularities that occurred before, during and after election day.”
“We have the necessary elements to go to the corresponding legal-electoral bodies and open to the public light, the obvious and serious violation of the principle of neutrality and impartiality of the electoral body of the State, leaving in question the legality and veracity of the results in the election and its evident pressure on the public vote,” Moreno Arcos said in a statement.
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“I categorically affirm that the Electoral and Citizen Participation Institute of the State of Guerrero (IEPCGRO) has not been impartial, generating mistrust and uncertainty in the process,” he added.
He also clarified that his decision to challenge is in no way a call for violence or civil disobedience, “but the formal announcement that we will resort to the legal route to provide certainty.
necessary to the election result.”

He thanked his supporters for their support and asked them to remain calm, assuring them that they will defend their votes through the legal route.
On June 8, the PRI-PRD coalition announced that they would ignore the “partial” results of the IEPCGRO, and that they would seek a recount of the votes.
The leaders of the Hector Apreza (PRI) and Alberto Catalán (PRD) parties said that they agree that there was a “lack of certainty and dissy from the electoral process,” so they would prepare the necessary legal elements to confirm the irregularities detected.
Apreza expressed his estrangement because he said that some municipalities that favor candidate Mario Moreno were not included in the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP), such as Chilapa, Acatepec, Alixtac, Iguala, Tecpan, and Cutzamala, of which the organization already had district records in its possession.
The last update of the PREP was on June 7 and places as virtual winner of the election the candidate of Morena, Evelyn Salgado, with 46.3% of the preferences, followed by Mario Moreno, who obtained (until that moment) 34.7% of the votes.
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