translated from Spanish: They search in Mendoza for two missing brothers

Two brothers, Franco Jesus (28) and Kevin Luciano Alvarez (18), are wanted intensely by police officers, after having disappeared last Monday from their home in Colonia Bombal, in the town of Maipú, near the capital of Mendoza. According to the complaint filed by their parents in the Prosecutor’s Office No. 16 of the 49th Precinct, the young men said goodbye to their mother and said that they were going to the town of Guaymallén where they would collect money for the payment of a masonry work done, also near the provincial capital, but they never returned.

Franco Jesus (28) and Kevin Luciano Alvarez (18)

The case began as an investigation of whereabouts, but as the days passed, personnel from the Homicide Division intervened, given some alleged intimidation that one of the brothers had received via cell phone.

This weekend, officers carried out a series of rakings with dogs trained in Buenos Aires Street in Rodeo del Medio, Maipú, a measure that was requested by Homicide Prosecutor Andrea Lazo, who is leading the case. According to judicial sources, the dogs followed traces of the brothers to a kiosk in the area where it was confirmed that they had had some drinks there. Meanwhile on Monday, the results of expert reports of cell phones belonging to those close to the Alvarezes are awaited, which could yield some clues.

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