translated from Spanish: Andrea Taboada broke down live: “the pressure went up and I vomited”

Andrea Taboada suffered a peak of pressure reaching the end of the Los Angeles morning broadcast, and had to be assisted by the channel’s doctor. The journalist had a decompensation that led her to vomit because her pressure was above the expected levels. Already stabilized in the canal infirmary, Taboada was accompanied by her family doctor, Gustavo Capuya.

Upon leaving school she was approached by Paparazzi and explained: “The truth is that now I am going to rest at home, thank you for coming… I had a peak of pressure and vomited. I guess it’s the effect of the vaccine plus everything that’s happening to us,” Andrea said. It was a peak of high blood pressure until in the infirmary of the canal they could stabilize it a little and I calmed down. Yes, it has to do with the emotional as well. Like everyone else, I’m having a delicate time, hopefully all this will happen soon,” Taboada continued. I was treated by a doctor from the channel and there was also my doctor, Dr. Capuya, who was for Mariana’s program. Sorry for being like this… Hopefully all this will happen soon for everyone,” said Andrea who, last week, confessed that she is not having a good time psychologically and that she will start therapy.

“But hey, I was hit like that by Covid and everything that happens with the pandemic. Thank you,” she concluded visibly overwhelmed. 

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