translated from Spanish: France beat Germany 1-0 and cut an unbeaten in European Championship

Germany and France was the first highlight of the European Championship and in order of draw it turned out to be the last match of the first phase of the contest. In Germany, more precisely at the home of Bayern Munich, the last two world champions faced each other and gave away a great game, despite the few scoring opportunities. The team led by Deschamps was the one that adopted the dominance of the ball and the one that generated the most danger in the first stage, thus arriving at the opening of the scoreboard with some fortune. Benzema fought it, Pogba switched heads with an exquisite pass and Lucas Hernandez centred for Hummels to take the ball ahead and beat his team-mate.
Thus, in the 20th minute the score opened in Munich and where the powerful French team began to show their teeth with an attacking trident commanded by Antoine Griezmann and executed by Kylian Mbappé and Karim Benzema, who did not shine but did worry the Teutons. In the complement, the local brought out his best face and tried to worry Hugo Lloris, defending from the lethal cons that led the figure of Paris Saint Germain, but that did not end in goal, except for one in the end where Benzema defined for the 2-0, but the VAR would cancel it out for offside. With the finish consummated, France snatched a new record from Germany that, after 12 debuts in the Europcopa adding points, for the first time remained at zero in the table. Now, he will go on to fight for qualification against Portugal and Hungary, the remaining two in the zone, where he is bound to win.

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