translated from Spanish: Today, June 18, is Autistic Pride Day

Every June 18 is commemorated around the world the Day of Autistic Pride, a date that seeks to make visible the neurodiversity of the autism spectrum. The celebration was established in 2005, when the group “Aspies For Freedom” proposed that June 18 be Autistic Pride Day, an initiative that continues to this day and that was constituted in an annual celebration. In 2008, the United Nations General Assembly determined that April 2 will be considered World Autism Awareness Day, a date that also remains in force.What is autism?
Autism spectrum conditions (CEA) are considered to be conditions that predominantly affect early development, with consequences in the areas of communication, social interaction, behavior, and sensory processing. At present, the cause that explains its appearance is not determined, but the strong genetic implication in its origin is determined; although it does not have any distinguishing physical traits associated with it (it only manifests itself at the level of the cognitive competences of the person and of the behavior). In addition, it has its own and defining characteristics that manifest themselves heterogeneously throughout the life cycle and also among people with ASD: no two people with ASD are the same, it will depend on their own personal development and the supports they may have, as well as whether or not they have associated intellectual disability and also on their level of language development. On the other hand, it accompanies the person throughout his life, although his manifestations and needs change according to the different stages of development and the experiences acquired; and impacts not only on the person who presents it but also on their family, fundamental support for the person with ASD.

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