translated from Spanish: Brazil surpassed half a million deaths from coronavirus

To the rhythm of massive demonstrations calling for the resignation of Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil surpassed 500,000 deaths from coronavirus, although today the Minister of Communications, Fabio Faria, minimized it and proposed to celebrate the number of recovered from Covid-19.” We will see politicians, artists and journalists ‘mourning’ the 500,000 dead. We will never see them celebrate the 86 million doses applied or the 18 million cured, because they bet on ‘the worse the better’. Unfortunately, they swell from the virus,” Faria said.

Photo: Reuters

In more than 450 cities, thousands of citizens gathered with cover-ups to call for Bolsonaro’s resignation to call for his resignation for the “health genocide.” The demonstration, called by the fronts of social movements, exceeded the expectations of the organizers and became something higher than that of May 29, especially in the big cities.

In the same context, Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga tweeted: “500,000 lives lost by the pandemic affecting our Brazil and the world.” Bolsonaro is being investigated by a Senate committee for his management and omissions during the pandemic.

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