translated from Spanish: Jara gives the pass to the final with a last minute goal

Mazatlan.- Jumapam suffered more than expected and achieved the last-minute draw to advance to the final, within the First Municipal Force League, after drawing 1-1 in the second leg for the aggregate to give them the success by 2-1.In a game of few arrivals, at the beginning the two teams were released with the passing of the minutes.
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The first danger was alan rios, who finished off a diagonal inside the area after the center of Daniel Jara.

At 20′, Jumapam had a clear with a center to the area that finished off Irving Ochoa, but went just past the side of the frame of Sergio “Pecho” Torres.Read more: Copa America: Diego Godin ensures that Uruguay will replenish from the bad startThree minutes later, Daniel Jara took the space in the hand to hand and managed to shoot at goal , but his shot went one way from the finish line. With the passing of the minutes the game became very tactical, there were not many spaces, but thanks to his dynamic D’portenis, he was the one who came closest to the rival goal. Those of the drop approached the rival goal and looked for Daniel Jara, who with space wanted the hand to hand and an opportunity to define. At 42′, Jumapam had the clearest of the game, with a measured ball, Alan Rios enabled Daniel Jara, who did not reach the ball, after he threw him a little earlier, letting go of the option for his team. D’portenis FC achieved the first at 57′, when in a counterattack Irving Ochoa, headed for goal and before the bad mark of the half of Jumapam managed to shoot with power and cross to mark the 1-1.After the goal, Jumapam went in front and was nowhere to equalize, but Martin Armenta shot and the ball was just one side of the post.

A great entrance came in the match between Jumapam and D’portenis in the First Force. Photo: Sergio Pérez

On the 90′, Daniel Jara arrived in time to the appointment with the ball after center of Jesus Crespo, to rise through the air and head hammer the 1-1 that gave the pass in the aggregate to his team. Read more: Copa America: “Participating with Colombia is a dream for me”; Miguel BorjaNow Jumapam awaits the winner tomorrow between Asefis-SPE and Fire Master.

Civil Protection issues alert on the coast of Jalisco due to the passage of tropical storm Dolores

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