translated from Spanish: Las Pelotas presents the new: “Versions from home”

The gestation of this new album of Las Pelotas is inherent to the context of humanitarian crisis unleashed at a global level, that is why 2020 was for Las Pelotas “the year” to launch his album “Es así” that was released on March 6, just a few days before the coronavirus pandemic was officially declared.” It’s like that” was going to have a massive celebration at the Hippodrome of Buenos Aires as part of an important national tour. But the world stopped for everyone without exception. Affected by the sensitivity of a surreal and singular panorama, the musicians gestated from virtuality a space of reparative encounter, a parallel universe to stay together, close, united.
In those encounters, music was transformed into a pandemic therapy. Making music at home meant trying new instruments, different forms of acoustics, recording with what you had, how you could, when you could. With the freshness of the spontaneous and the drive of challenge. Within the framework of this process, “Versiones desde casa” was born, where Las Pelotas addresses eight songs from its repertoire in acoustic format, from an intimate and personal perspective. An album in addition, in which the band takes up irrepressible truths of their poetry through new melodies wrapped in the sobriety of the times and the elegance of one of the most exquisite bands of national rock. In Versions from Home, Las Pelotas offers the beauty of its art and undresses the simplicity of its inner world.

Original source in Spanish

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