translated from Spanish: Church announces security table in Aguililla

Morelia, Michoacan .- The Archbishop of Morelia, Carlos Garfias Merlos, reported the possibility of installing a security table with the participation of the three levels of government and civil society in the face of the wave of violence facing the municipality of Aguililla.
The above, after a meeting he held with the Bishop of Apatzingán, Cristóbal Ascencio, authorities of the state and federal government, with the aim of analyzing the situation that is lived in that municipality before the wave of violence raised
In a press conference, the Catholic hierarch said that the supreme interest must be to guarantee the security of the citizenry, the supply of food, medicine and the free movement of residents and supplies.
“He remained in the possibility of being able to propose to the federal government that it be an important part of the agenda of the Federal Security Secretariat and coordinate with the state government and establish a security and justice table in Aguililla in coordination with the federal, state, National Guard, Sedena and Navy governments to support the Aguililla area and its surroundings.”
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He pointed out that the proposal is already on the state security table and also goes into addressing the conflict of those displaced by insecurity.
It will be recalled that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that he would visit Aguililla after the electoral process.
In 20 days, another meeting is expected to learn about the progress of what can be implemented by the corresponding authorities, as well as the collaboration of the churches and civil society.

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