translated from Spanish: They disrupted a narco bunker in La Matanza

On Friday, around 7 p.m., different arrests were made in the town of Gregorio Laferrere, where they found a narco bunker. According to reports, police officers from the 1st precinct of that jurisdiction, together with the Tactical Operational Group (GTO), went to the scene. Upon seeing the arrival of the officers, the criminals faced bullets and fled to the race to the Matanza River, swam across the stream and entered the Ezeiza party where they were apprehended. According to sources told Telam, a criminal was wounded with two shots in the left leg and was taken to the Simply Evita Hospital where he remains stable and is in police custody. The detainees were identified by police as Diego Armando Aimone (26), Marcos Ezequiel Gouchon (29), Brian Lautaro Belizan (18), Vidal Godoy Noguera (35), Marcelo Alejandro Díaz (34), Alejo Ramón Torales (31) and Natalia Sabrina Campos (38). Thanks to the operation, marijuana and doses of cocaine were seized, police sources said. Gregorio Laferrere’s Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 1, headed by María Belén Casal Gatto, is involved in the case.

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